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Cellphone texting and talking on driving kills 5,000 people every year

Texting and talking on cellphones behind the wheel kills more than 5,000 people every year on US highways. Teen drivers seem to be especially susceptible to distraction, a study says.
A 2009 study focusing on drivers of larger vehicles and trucks has concluded that texting raised the risk of a crash by 23 times compared with non-distracted driving, says an environmental report.
Environmental researcher Uvid Hosansky, who authored the report for the journal CQ Researcher, wrote, "Texting drivers took their eyes off the road for each text an average of 4.6 seconds, which at 55 mph means they were driving the length of a football field without looking."
Talking on a cell phone is also dangerous. "Experts say that talking on a cellphone while driving is far more distracting than talking with an adult passenger because it consumes additional cognitive resources, including creating a mental picture of the person on the other end of the conversation," added Hosansky, who was twice nominated for Pulitzer Prize.
The National Highway Traffic Safety -Administration, US, estimated that 16 per cent of all drivers younger than 20 years involved in fatal crashes were believed to be distracted, "the highest proportion of any age group," by texting and mobile phone use, reports the journal CQ Researcher.
"Although some people may think they can safely talk and drive, researchers who observe people in driving simulators as well as in actual cars on the road find that a cell phone conversation will invariably intrude on a driver's attentiveness," said Hosansky.
"The distractions don't stop with cellphones. Car makers are adding new technologies to the dashboard, such as web browsers and GPS units. Car makers say that such technologies are designed very carefully for safety, but safety advocates worry that they are creating even more hazardous driving conditions," Hosansky concluded.
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Texting While Driving: More Dangerous Than Driving Drunk

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How to save your life from mobile talking on road?

As all we know and aware about the Traffic rules and regulations. Red light is for Stopping and Green light is to move forward. Before we drive we learn these things first and maintains to follow Traffic rules over signals.
But, what happened when a phone call comes why do we risks our life and others by lifting incoming call while Driving......Do you think that we don't have manners...or....we don't have enough time to stop a side to talk a incoming call. If not.....?
Why do we maintain the Traffic rules and follows the same thing and risk our life....?
We won't have any social responsibility or We are not Humans ?
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For a single call putting their own lives at risk and also others in danger

A man, driving his children back home from school on his motorcycle, was engrossed in talking on his cellphone. The children were carrying schoolbags on their shoulders. The man balanced a rice bag vertically on the petrol tank.
Car and two-wheeler drivers should understand that roads are not the right place for them to demonstrate their driving talents.
They are not only putting their own lives at risk but also those of others in danger.

Visakapatnam Police Commissioner J. Purnachandra Rao who participated in a programme organised at GITAM University and addressed that,
“There is no need for the police to impose fine on you. Answer a call while driving and the chances of the call getting diverted to ‘Lord Yama' are very high,” he told the huge gathering of students.
He said special drives were being conducted to check cellphone driving, drunken driving, and other traffic violations.
Giving the statistics, he said a total number of cases recorded as below item wise:
5,217 cellphone driving cases,
4,626 drunken driving cases,
327 cases of driving while smoking,
1,749 triple riding,
14,062 auto piloting (sitting on either side of the driver),
17,097 over-speeding
Cases were booked as part of the special drives conducted during 2011. He said that 19 accident-prone junctions were identified and precautions were being taken.
When his attention was drawn to car drivers negotiating turns at junctions with a single hand on the wheel while continuing their chatter on their mobiles, Mr. Purnachandra Rao expressed dismay and called for a change in their attitude.
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How Indians are worst for maintaining Mobile manners

Indians are worst in Mobile manners, recently one suvey had made wherein it revelaed that, there is an increase in the nomophobic population in India because the number of mobile phone users has increased.
According to the Dr. Sanjay Dixit, who is one of researchers and the head of the Indian Journal of Community Medicine. 
said "We are currently doing another research on mobile phone dependency, it's not published yet, but analysis shows that about 45% of the Indian population, 
not just medical students, is nomophobic."
Due to increase in the mobile users in India gradually, at the same time mobile manners is declining as well. 
Educated persons and also uneducated people are not maintaining the mobile manners.
How shame of them, Educated persons don't even think that they are educated and should behave like that....No....they are worst in this India society. 
Even ladies are also don't know the meaning of Mobile and where to use it where to not....They don't know Do's and Don'ts....
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How to analyse your knowledge on exams?

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How to transfer data without Data cable, Card reader

Tranfer data from Mac, System to smart mobile phones without Data cable and Card reader. This feature is possible with AirDroid Tool.
With the help of Wi-fi feature connect Mac,System mobile to PC, possible with support  of Google Chrome,Fire fox browsers.
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Editing Favorite playringtones.
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Make free voice calls online

To get Facebook,Gmail,Orkut,Yahoo and other Social net work services at one stop in your smart phone.
Then get this for free from http://www.Nimbuzz.com
From the above site also you can make free voice calls also.
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Make Video and Voice calls with your smart phone

If you're using Smart Phone and to do Video and Voice calls with your smart phone then install Rocke Talk application.
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Check out this before purchasing your HDTV to your home

If your planning to purchase a new HDTV to your home but you've one confusion how to know at what size of HDTV suits..hey just forget about this confusion you can make this simple
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Share your videos instantly with your favorite ones

To share your instant videos with your favorite ones with your samrt mobile phones. It is possible by going to site http://qik.com and subscribing.
You can do this if your mobile supports Mobile net,  just capture and share it in your social network sites with links.
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Examin size of your purchasing Mobile

When we shoppe for mobile in the market so many of mobile with different sizes appear with good looking to adjust in your pocket.
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How safe is Online Banking services

Seeing busy life every body purchasing via Online and also transferring money using Online Banking services. To get more safety to check us please update your Antivirus with good Antivirus software like AVG,AVAST with regular updates (Don't use Free anitivirus softwares in your tarsactions PC) Just purchase those Anti virus softwares avilable with cheaper rates with validity of one year.
By udating reuglary anitivirusus you can browse safely, the option is available in the above anti virus softwares. By using these anitivirus software you can escape from hacking passwords,Keyloggers,Rogue antivirus.
DON'T USE SAVE PASSWORD OPTION IN ANY WEBSITE. While using netcafe systems be aware of using banking related matters.
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We are Humans maintains Human Manners We are busy but we won't forget our work We are Parents we look after our children We are part of this society but we won't participate in Social works. We Use Mobile Phone but we won't maintain our Mobile Manners